Feasibility Assessment and Development of Knowledge, Technology, and Tools for Reliable Hydrogen Injection into Natural Gas Delivery Systems

To reduce their carbon footprint, FortisBC Energy Inc. is investigating the possibility of injecting hydrogen into their natural gas distribution network. Prior to adopting this change, a comprehensive feasibility assessment and development of tools to support the hydrogen injection is required. This includes investigating the effects of hydrogen on existing gas distribution infrastructure, end-user appliances and equipment. Successful execution of the project will enhance FortisBC’s sustainable energy portfolio and support the pursuit and implementation of green technologies.

Shahriar Anaraki
Yousif Alcheikhhamdon
Hamed Mirzaei
Sajjad Daryani
Yakang Xia
Umair Ismail
Ambreen Nisar
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lukas Bichler
Ri Li
Mina Hoorfar
Joshua Brinkerhoff
Sina Kheirkhah
British Columbia
Partner University: