Feasibility Study of an IoT-based Real-time Safety Alerting System for Working at Heights in Construction Sites

In the proposed project, we will investigate a solution for increasing the safety of construction workers at heights using an intelligent sensor-based system. A real-time monitoring system will be developed for alerting workers who are getting close to hazardous conditions and areas. The objective is to lower the chance of accidents by enhancing supervision of workers for their safety based on regulations and working practices in a construction site. This is done by collecting the locations of workers along with equipment, tools, and machines, processing the information using cloud platforms, and making notifications when required. The project has three main components including (1) Hardware devices to be carried by users, (2) An IoT cloud platform, and (3) Various firmware modules for localization and position tracking.

Nima Abdollahpour
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mehrdad Moallem
British Columbia
Partner University: