Fibre response to temperature and precipitation variation in natural and planted stands of spruce (Picea glauca x Engelmannii) in northern interior British Columbiaa

This goal of this research project is to understand how wood fibre characteristics within planted and natural stands of spruce behave with changes to temperature and precipitation. Several methods of wood analysis will be used to determine this relationship including dendrochronology, scientifically dating tree-rings and comparing to climate, and analysis of fibre qualities, or cellular wood qualities, within samples of both natural and planted stands of spruce. The partner organization, Canfor, will benefit by gaining knowledgeable expertise in how cellular wood fibre qualities vary with climate and how future wood sources are expected to change with a changing climate. This knowledge will allow Canfor to better understand their future wood quality and help maintain sustainable forests and economic stability.

Anastasia Ivanusic
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lisa Wood
British Columbia
Partner University: