Finding Permanency for Children/Youth in Care Project

Achieving permanency for children and youth placed in out-of-home care enables them to form loving, consistent relationships, a sense of connectedness and belonging to their family and community, and a stable place that they call ‘home’. Permanency is critical to the well-being of placed children and youth now and in the future. This proposed study examines the outcomes for children/youth placed in permanent arrangements and their (new) families as a result of the Family Finders pilot project at Family and Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington County. It will determine whether permanency has been achieved and its effects on outcomes for placed children/youth, as well as the characteristics, motivations and experiences of permanent families. This internship will enable this child protection agency to further refine and develop procedures that facilitate permanency and build their evidence-based practice and research capacity.

Iryna Balytska
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Nancy Freymond