Fingernail-attachable electronics with integrated, NFC controlled, flexible displays for decorative purposes

AIM Colours is looking to revolutionize self-expression by combining cosmetics with technology through the creation of eCosmetics. We envision eCosmetic applications as devices that can be continuously colour-manipulated from any mobile device, creating a world where anyone can be empowered by make-up instantaneously. These project requires the seamless integration of engineering and chemistry, especially since the field of decorative wearable electronics is currently underdeveloped. The purpose of this project is to develop ePolish. ePolish are technology-enabled press-on nails that allow users to interact with the appearance of their nails directly from their smartphones. This revolutionary version of nail polish will allow users to save time and avoid chronic exposure to chemical solvents.

Alejandra Dominguez Huerta
Faculty Supervisor: 
Boris Vaisband;Chao-Jun Li
Partner University: