First Steps for a Healthy Climate: Exploring grassroots/parent-led community resiliency, civic empowerment and location-based education for climate change

The climate emergency poses a looming existential threat (IPCC 2021), already being realized in BC through forest fires, smoke, drought, and extreme heat events. Babies and young children are high-risk for both present and future climate dangers. Tasked with the responsibility to care and protect societies’ most vulnerable, parents require help, including community resources for increasing family and child capacity to cope with climate change. Such supports are especially important for post-partum mental health. “First Steps to a Healthy Climate” is being developed in partnership with the City of Vancouver, the Five Family Place Partnership, Babies for Climate Action and Simon Fraser University. This program explores and develops climate-centered resources around: community building, adaptation, resiliency, civic empowerment, lifestyle changes, eco-parenting, and informal education. This “Community Action Research” study will generate a social media campaign, and project-model, based on
residencies at Vancouver’s Family Places, for use by teachers, activists and researchers.

Laurel Marie Hart
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lynn Fels
British Columbia
Partner University: