Flexible and fully integrated power patch for self-powering sensors

Nowadays the most rewarding aspect of engineering is to create solutions to the needs of society in a natural and resource efficient manner, therefore we must come up with more innovative and resource efficient solutions. One such solution can be a novel, flexible and scalable power-patch, which integrates an inductive coupling, a power conversion and conditioning unit and a super capacitor based energy storage system using a state-of-the-art polymer integration and packaging technology. All three components of power-patch can be printed individually using low-cost inkjet printable inks on to common plastic films using low cost material printer before they are integrated using advanced polymer technologies. The novel polymer based integration and packaging technology can also provide modular connectivity for wide variety of applications even though initial target for our power-patch is stand-alone wireless sensors and sensor networks.

Jasbir Patel
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Bozena Kaminska
Project Year: 
British Columbia