Floodplain maps inventory and pathway for flood-induced risk assessment in BC

The BC Real Estate Association aims to develop the localized flood vulnerability index (LOFVI). The intention is to increase awareness of new floodplain maps among governments, realtors and consumers through the final report and assess the impact of senior government funding programs. The first step will be to update and prepare an inventory of floodplain maps across the province of BC, which will provide important information that communities need for land use decisions alongside helping property buyers make informed decisions. Secondly, assessment of flood-induced risks and development of a LoFVI, while taking Kelowna as a case study. The methodological pathway would further help develop a functional index for BC i.e. BCLoFVI.

Sana Saleem;Manjot Kaur;Sadia Ishaq;Sheikh Rubaiya Sultana Munni
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rehan Sadiq;Kasun Hewage
British Columbia
Partner University: