Fluvial Geomorphology Experiments in support of the Lynn Creek Flood Risk Assessment and Reduction Plan

Lynn Creek poses flood and erosion risks in North Vancouver, BC. The surrounding urban areas are not protected by structural flood protection measures, and flood mitigation has historically been conducted through gravel removals, which increase the depth of the channel. Recent analysis has shown that gravel removals are relatively ineffective at reducing the flood risk, which will continue to increase alongside climate change. In addition, Lynn Creek is a fish-bearing watercourse and gravel removals pose potential impacts to habitat.

In response, the City of North Vancouver has engaged the consulting firm of Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. (KWL) to perform a flood risk assessment and develop a risk reduction plan. Through a MITACS project, KWL will be collaborating with the Biogeomorphology laboratory at UBC to conduct laboratory experiments which will aid in the flood risk assessment. The experiments will involve physical modeling of historical trends, current conditions, predictions of short-term and long-term movement patterns of gravel, and innovative approaches to sediment management. The results of these experiments will directly inform flood risk and sediment management on the North Shore region of the Lower Mainland, and possibly elsewhere.

David Adams;William Booker
Faculty Supervisor: 
Brett Eaton
British Columbia
Partner University: