Follow up of horses treated with stem cells at eQcell Inc.

For over 10 years, eQcell Inc. has been treating horses with stem cells. In order to efficiently direct future research, a full picture of the efficacy of past treatments is necessary. This project will follow up with all clients across 8 clinics to collect an up-to-date snapshot of previously treated horses’ health and progression or regression from the time of treatment. These data will help generate hypotheses and narrow the research focus of the company to where stem cells may be best applied. This work fits within the overall vision of eQcell to develop novel treatment strategies for various equine diseases and conditions that will ultimately lead to a reduction in the number of Ontario horses affected by disease, reduce the number lost training days due to serious conditions resulting in a net positive impact on the Canadian and global equine industry.

Keith Russell
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jonathan LaMarre
Partner University: