Formulation of sustainable amino polyolefin coatings with improved adhesion and corrosion protection

Corrosion is the destructive attack of a metal by a chemical or electrochemical reaction with its environment. Corrosion of industrial and mechanical infrastructure causes severe economic losses. Canadian corrosion-related expenses amount to $41 Billion CAD annually. The extensive oil and gas pipeline networks in Canada require approx. $1 Billion CAD annually for replacement and/or maintenance. Catastrophic, corrosion-related accidents in the pipeline sector pose a severe threat to the environment, property, and human life. Current corrosion protection technologies cannot adequately provide durable and efficient coatings for the long-term protection of pipelines. Loss of adhesion and delamination of the current coatings limit their corrosion protection ability. A coating technology developed at UBC and the focus of a new BC start-up company a2o Advanced Materials Inc. has the potential to provide more durable and effective corrosion protection. The intrinsic adhesive and self-repair properties of our coating will be formulated to result in long-term adhesion between the coating and the underlying metal surface. Also, its self-healing properties will repair the coating to prevent the formation of cracks during aging. This novel coating is produced using green and sustainable research methodologies to improve the longevity of metal surfaces and ultimately will reduce corrosion-related expenditures.

Nirmalendu Kuanr
Faculty Supervisor: 
Laurel L Schafer
British Columbia
Partner University: