Fugitive Emissions in Liquefied Natural Gas Transmission, Storage, and Distribution: Canadian Solutions for Transportation and Remote Power

The proposed research will be focused on eliminating fugitive emissions from liquefied natural gas (LNG) transmission, storage, and distribution operations. LNG can be used as fuel for transportation, and for combined heat and power generation in remote locations. We will study transmission, storage, and distribution operations by developing quasi-steady-state and time-dependent thermodynamic models. These models will be validated using data from instrumented equipment at our industrial partners’ sites (a small consortium has been created specifically to support the proposed research). The expected research breakthroughs can be transferred to our consortium partners immediately – thereby enhancing the safety and competitiveness of Canada’s natural gas sector.

S. Rasoul Asaee
Saeed Rahbarimanesh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Joshua Brinkerhoff
Walter Merida
British Columbia
Partner University: