Garment-based Neuroprosthesis, a non-invasive closed-loop neural extension for facilitating the human nervous system function

MYANT is a pioneer in the field of smart textiles, with the first connected e-textile ecosystem that can serve as a DSL cable connecting humans to their surroundings, others and themselves. This connected eco-system or platform is named SKIIN, representing a second skin, an intelligent interface, an augmentation of the human sensory and nervous system, through a textile medium. This is truly an exciting time to be witnessing such an evolution in textiles, the concept of connected textiles will be as ubiquitous and widespread as the smart phone.
From day one SKIIN has had the very welcomed attention of the medical industry. Partly for that reason and partly to satisfy our determination to only accept the highest standards, SKIIN as a platform is well on its way to becoming FDA and Health Canada approved. TO BE CONT'D

Idir Mellal
Bastien Moineau
Faculty Supervisor: 
Milos Popovic
Partner University: