Gearbox fault detection and failure prediction

The objective of the project is to develop an automated monitoring system to accurately and reliably detect deterioration within gearboxes operating on an industrial forming line. This will involve reviewing, developing and testing one or more methodologies based on vibration signal measurement and analysis. In particular the work will focus on exploring existing potential methods, defining the capabilities of different sensors that could be used in the given environment and developing appropriate vibration signal analysis algorithms for gearbox deterioration detection and decision making. The final result of the work will be a system suitable for implementation on an actual forming line.
The participating sponsor anticipates to benefit from the project through participation and guidance of an investigation into the possibility of developing a new automated, accurate and reliable gearbox deterioration detection system. A successful system could be used in a wide range of applications where machinery condition inspection is done manually or not at all. Reliable detection of gearbox deterioration will result in improved efficiency and therefore lower costs.

Chenyi Jin
Faculty Supervisor: 
Chris Mechefske
Partner University: