Generalization of NLP Algorithms to New Data Sources and Stability Improvements

The field of responsible investing is rapidly expanding, with even greater attention on the importance of responsible investment with each passing year, as seen most recently in the aftermath of the impactful 2021 COP26 summit, where responsible investment was key focal point. Directing our financial resources in a sustainable direction has the potential to have a massive impact on helping us meet the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the UN. Though the importance of better alignment between finance and sustainability is clear, a notion that now has very strong consensus built around it, investors still lack the right tools to support their research process in terms of sustainability. They rely on high level data that is largely known not to be reliable, which leads to massive misallocations of capital. The mission of is to bring more rigour to the world of responsible investment, using our technology backed by peer-reviewed research conducted within the University of Toronto.

Philipp Eibl
Faculty Supervisor: 
Luis Seco
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