A generic microgrid controller with rule-based dispatch

In order to provide more reliable electricity, facilitate clean enery integration and supply energy to remote communitites, part of the power grid may be required to operate autonomously. Microgrids which can be islanded from teh main grid, are deployed for this purpose. However, the compositions and objectives of microgrids vary in different applications and operating modes. This project aims to design a generic microgrid controller with modular rule-based dispatch to address these challenges. Teal-time simulation and controller-hardware-in-the-loop test will be conducted to validate the basic dispatch. The proposed generic microgrid controller will help standardize the microgrid controller design and save the engineering effort of designing microgrid controllers in different applicaitons. The industrial partner will thus be able to make available provisions of developing and testing microdgrid controller to developers, owners and operators of microgrids.

Chu Sun
Faculty Supervisor: 
Geza Joos
Partner University: