Genomic methods for herbal supplement quality assurance

It is critical for consumers to be assured that Natural Health supplements being purchased commercially are of high quality and contain the ingredients as listed on labels. For regulatory agencies to make such assurances, it is important that third-party product testing be carried out to identify the presence of the appropriate botanicals and their active ingredients. This project will begin to address the need for standardized authenticated reference materials from which appropriate quality control tests can be developed. In collaboration with ISURA, Canada’s only independent natural health supplement and food product verification and certification organization, an intern will work to develop authenticated, open-source, botanical reference materials, in response to the needs of industry and government. This project is an essential element in order for Canadian natural health product suppliers to appropriately serve growers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers, and will provide critical information to Canadian regulatory agencies.

Afsana Islam
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jonathan Van Hamme
British Columbia
Partner University: