Geology and Geochemistry of the Laird Lake Property, Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario

Shear zone-hosted, or orogenic, gold deposits are a significant mineral resource in the Superior Province of Canada. This study will investigate the nature and genesis of gold mineralisation in the Red Lake area of the Uchi subprovince. Recent exploration by Bounty Gold Corp. has identified Au mineralisation in the Laird Lake area close to the giant deposits of Red lake. This study will characterise the nature and tectonic setting of the host rocks to the mineralisation in order to provide a framework for subsequent studies into the Au-bearing fluids themselves. The mineralisation will be investigated using a combination of mapping, petrology, alteration studies and isotope work (Sm-Nd, O and H). Results from this study will be compared to orogenic gold deposits in Canada and Australia leading to significant advances in our understanding of this deposit type and the development of new exploration models

Brigitte Gelinas
Faculty Supervisor: 
Peter Hollings
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