Geometric Control Methodology for Modular Residential Construction Systems

As the use of modular construction grows as a favorable affordable housing solution, there is a need to determine which parts of the building are most critical to manufacture with a high degree of precision. Producing a whole building to the same level of precision as an automotive or aerospace assembly for instance, is costly, inefficient and waste of resources (if the goal is to ensure the building functions properly and can be assembled without issues). This project develops an overall strategy for addressing level of precision and optimal geometric control. Part of this is a novel tool to provide stakeholders with feedback on acceptable manufacturing precision during manufacturing. This project will help modular fabricators improve their profit margins, translating into lower overall costs for the industry. This is especially important for not-for-profit stakeholders (like the client in this project) in their ability to provide affordable housing solutions.

Christopher Rausch
Faculty Supervisor: 
Carl Haas
Partner University: