GIF Tools II – Advanced GeoPhysical Inversion II (Year Two)

Over the past 25 years researchers at the UBC Geophysical Inversion Facility (GIF) have generated forward modelling and inversion codes that deal with most types of data of interest to a consortium of mining companies. This proposal moves the research to applications in their corporate environments, and to advance the tools and understanding about how to use the research to date in an efficient manner to extract maximum information from their geophysical data. GIFtools, the computing software for carrying out advanced inversion, was developed for this purpose. This proposal will: (i) undertake further research and development of GIFtools as a computing environment to carry out advanced forward modelling and inversion of geophysical data; and further research and development of methodologies and inversion techniques to interpret magnetic data contaminated with remanence.

Seogi Kang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Douglas Oldenburg
British Columbia
Partner University: