Global Health Governance in South India

Global Health Governance is a hot topic these days but it seldom reaches the dalitbahujans (low caste and tribal peoples, the majority in India). Pairing industry with global health agendas is the wave of the future and can be more fruitful if culturally sensitive. Eight years ago, India embarked on the National Rural Health Mission for improved health governance in the rural areas and to realize the Millennium Development Goals. Today, a new BJP government has industrial development and high-tech health innovations on the agenda through relationships with North American, European, East-Asian biotech industries. In spite of some gains in recent industry-state partnerships, it is very difficult to develop effective Global Health Governance due to lack of cultural sensitivity. This needs to urgently be addressed. My project assess existing key programs and proposes novel approaches through existing forms of mid-level governance institutions such as NRHM and the formidable NGO sector to Global Health Governance in Andhra Pradesh.

Reddisekhara Yalamala
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Robin Oakley
Project Year: 
Nova Scotia
Partner University: 
Indian Institute of Technology - Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India