Graphene Oxide membranes for acoustic drivers

The Graphene Audio group at TandemLaunch is working to revolutionize loudspeaker design through the use of graphene composite materials (Graphene-CMs) in loudspeaker membranes. Graphene is a newly discovered material with exceptional mechanical and electrical characteristics. Its low mass and high strength make it ideal for use in acoustic transducers offering an immediate benefit over existing loudspeaker technologies.
This project seeks to improve the manufacturing techniques and acoustic characteristics of these Graphene-CMs. Student researchers will focus on developing scalable industrial processes for making the Graphene-CM materials and for assembling loudspeakers from this unique new material. The project will involve students from Electrical Engineering, Material Sciences, Chemistry, and Sound Recording to help change how we hear the world around us. From micro-speakers in laptops and cell phones to subwoofers at rock concerts, this work will advance loudspeaker technology and improve the sound quality and efficiency of the speakers we use every day.

Kaiwen Hu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Thomas Szkopek
Partner University: