Groundwater and Contaminant Transport Modelling of Denison Tailings Management Areas

This research project evaluates the environmental performance of two tailings management areas at a decommissioned mine site in Ontario. The tailings areas are decommissioned with a water cover and continue to be managed and monitored with ongoing water treatment. The project revisits groundwater modelling that was conducted prior to the decommissioning of the site and updates it using nearly three decades of environmental monitoring data and advancements in software. The groundwater model will determine the rates and directions of groundwater flow from the tailings areas. A second model will use the outputs of the groundwater model and groundwater chemistry data to identify potential effects on the long-term water quality in nearby lakes and rivers that receive this groundwater flow. The project provides an assessment of the long-term performance of this type of facility using decades of observed data.

Caitlin Brown
Faculty Supervisor: 
Bradley Schmid
Partner University: