Hamlet of Pangnirtung Community Socio-Economic Framework Planning and Development

The Hamlet of Pangnirtung is exploring ways to improve the socio-economic development within the community. In preparation, and with the help of two Mitacs interns, the community would like to research various economic development models, the legal and social requirements for business development, existing local businesses, and explore other northern community socio-economic models, both in northern Canada and internationally. Furthermore, the community will review their current 2018 Community Economic Development Plan, which it did not include community voices or consider the northern context of the hamlet. Foundational to this work, is the incorporation of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) principles, which will inform both a development framework and future socio-economic development such that it reflects the local Inuit value systems and respects the arctic environment

Maxwell Bates;Avery Frank
Faculty Supervisor: 
Fiona Schmiegelow;Andie Palmer
Yukon Territory
Partner University: