Harrow Tines: Fatigue Prediction & Real-Time Crack Detection

The agriculture sector of the Canadian prairies including the province of Saskatchewan is one of the major contributors to the Canadian economy. Farmers are the main driver of this sector, who often face delays in their harrowing process due to unexpected breakage of the harrow tines that they use. In this project, the team will develop a scientific method to predict the failure of harrow tines, as well as a live monitoring system to detect any crack in harrow tines. These will allow the farmers to replace those harrow tines before they fail, obviating the possibility of forced stoppage of operation. The partner organization in Swift Current, SK, S3 Wireform Inc., one of the largest North American manufacturers of harrow tines, is strategically positioned to integrate these technologies into their product and offer their customers unprecedented capabilities for a smooth, time-sensitive harrowing process.

Arafater Rahman;Chowdhury Sakib-Uz-Zaman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mohammad Abu Hasan Khondoker;Golam Kabir
Partner University: