Healthy Brains, Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies: Exploration of experiential technology (Xtech) to support physical and mental health in older adults

Canada’s population is aging rapidly and faces several challenges with their physical and mental health. At the same time, portable technology and wireless Internet access stand to revolutionize how Canadians manage their own health and interact with the healthcare system. Here, we will identify ways in which Canadians can use technology to proactively manage and improve their own physical and mental health. We will also identify ways to spur innovative products and services to be developed within Canada. To do this, we will identify opportunities for technology to improve healthcare outcomes for patients, we will investigate solutions to protect older adults from injury from falls, and we will perform preliminary research on techniques to monitor the brain health of older adults.

Gregory Christie
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sylvain Moreno
British Columbia
Partner University: