Helping Ontario Meet its Environmental Goals- Hydrogen Adoption report for Ontario

Hydrogen technology in Ontario has incredible potential as an alternative energy source that can eliminate the use of harmful fuels and greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Canada is currently developing a nation-wide strategy to increase the adoption of hydrogen technology; however, Ontario is underrepresented in this discussion. Science Concepts International will work with its interns to create a report that outlines the current state of hydrogen technology, discusses several possible projects that would benefit Ontario, and then analyse the impacts these projects may have on the environment and the economy. The report will help formalize the current state and future of hydrogen technology in Ontario and inform on how this initiative will help Ontario meet its sustainability goals. Science Concepts International is a consulting company that seeks to develop marketable expertise in helping Ontario companies become part of solutions as outlined in the report. SCI will hold a conference at which it will be able to use this report as a basis for presenting to key individuals the feasibility and benefits of hydrogen technology adoption in Ontario.

Azadeh Maroufmashat;Mitchell Lowery
Faculty Supervisor: 
Michael Fowler
Partner University: