Hey Neighbour Collective

Widespread decline in social capital is well-documented and has been attributed to a range of underlying root causes, from policies regarding the physical design of our neighbourhoods, increasing geographic mobility, shifting away from more localized economies, the complexity of increasing cultural diversity in many areas, to societal beliefs and norms related to individualism. We know these issues touch many of us, however, where you live makes a difference. Levels of social connection are lower in multi-unit buildings than in single detached houses. In Metro Vancouver, based upon 2017 research published by the Vancouver Foundation, renters, young people and low-income people are less likely than homeowners and older people to say they “feel welcome” in their neighbourhoods and to know neighbours well enough to ask for help. TO BE CONT'D

Ghazaleh Akbarnejad Touchahi;Rahil Adeli
Faculty Supervisor: 
Meg Holden;Meghan Winters
British Columbia
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