High-frequency monitoring of the start-up and temperature impacts of a biofilm-enhanced

Lagoons are the most popular wastewater treatment technology in Canada with hundreds of installations across the country. Most of these systems will require upgrades in order to increase their treatment capacity or to comply with new regulations such as the Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations registered by the Government of Canada. Bionest is developing at the present time the BIONEST KAMAKTM technology to enhance lagoon capacity. Automated monitoring stations will be used in order to better understand the BIONEST KAMAKTM treatment capacity, especially during start-up of the system and under decreasing temperature conditions. As the quality of the data collected with monitoring stations is sometimes suffering, automated data quality assessment tools will be developed to ensure good water quality time series. This project will provide guidance to Bionest in making required changes to the technology to improve its wastewater treatment capacity and enhance its competitiveness on the national and international scene.

Janelcy Alferes & Queralt Plana
Faculty Supervisor: 
Peter Vanrolleghem
Project Year: