High-heat-flux microprocessor cooling using microgaps

Just as every computer needs a processor, every processor needs a cooling system. Without one, the significant heat generated by the processor will overheat the system. As time has advanced, this heating issue has only become more critical, thus necessitating the advent of more effective cooling solutions. Microgaps, which pass coolant through, as the name suggests, a microscale gap, are uniquely suited to meet the ever-increasing cooling demands of modern processors. Moreover, they are capable of doing so in a compact and reliable manner. The research project being proposed would investigate various alterations to the typical straight channel microgap geometry in an attempt to advance the maximum performance of this technology. The success of this pursuit would provide the partner organization with an improvement over their current processor cooling technology, and thus a competitive advantage in the high-performance computing market.

Michael Hinton;Alaïs Hewes
Faculty Supervisor: 
Laurent Mydlarski
Partner University: