High performance engineered biocomposites for automotive sector

The proposed project seeks to develop biocomposite technology and products for the auto manufacturing industries. Five graduate students under the supervision of Dr.Mohini Sain, will work on manufacturing processes, mechanical characterization, composite rheology and development of molds for various types of bio-composites which have direct application in auto-industries and can act as substitute for fossil fuel based composites. The two partner organizations will be the Centre for Biocomposites and Biomaterials Processing (CBBP), Faculty of Forestry, Univ. of Toronto and the Center for Power Train (PERDC) Ford Motor Co. based at Windsor. Ford Motor Co., Canada, has been interested in using biocomposites in automotive manufacturing and is therefore interested in collaboration with the University of Toronto and CBBP for the same. The above project proposal has been designed in consultation with representatives from Ford and matches their own priorities in biocomposites.

Shaghayegh Armioun, Nasim Ramezani, Masoud Akhshik & TBD
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Mohini Sain
Project Year: