High power all-fiber Raman laser at 1.65 ?m

Fiber lasers have become the fastest-growing laser with a projected worldwide revenue up to $1.41 billion in 2017. In particular, fiber lasers at 1.65 ?m have drawn increasing attention with potential applications in chemical sensing, LIDAR and spectroscopy. All-fiber Raman lasing technology is a promising and efficient technology to achieve high power lasing at 1.65 ?m. However, there are limited all-fiber high power sources at 1.65 ?m that are commercially available. In this project, we will unite the expertise in fiber optics and lasers of the Photonic Systems Group at McGill University with those of O/E Land Inc. to develop a low cost and compact all-fiber Raman laser with a high-power output. Such a laser product addresses a gap in what is commercially available, and will add to their technology portfolio and give them a competitive advantage for different applications in spectroscopy, sensing and instrumentation.

Chenglai Jia
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lawrence Chen
Partner University: