High-speed interrogation of fiber Bragg grating based optical sensors

Brickeye has developed its optical data acquisition (ODAQ) system in conjunction with partners primarily in environmental remediation, for whom the system was optimized for supporting temperature measurement across multiple parallel channels (up to 48) at low speeds (0.2 Hz). Brickeye’s technological advancements have been primarily focused on system ruggedization for harsh environments and developing user-friendly hardware and software for non-expert users. The jump to include high-speed data acquisition, monitoring transient phenomena, and performing more complex data analysis (e.g. Fourier transform versus peak tracing and correlation) would be significant and open up entirely new avenues for potential clients and applications, while still leveraging Brickeye’s core competencies. Brickeye’s IOT software interface would enable the seamless integration of new sensing modalities with existing services and capabilities.

Neel Choksi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Li Qian
Partner University: