Highly Sensitive Bacteria-Responsive Membrane Sensor Consisting of Well-aligned Core?Shell Nanofibers for In Situ Detection of Bacterial Infections

Detecting the presence of bacteria at a low concentration during a wound healing process can eliminate catastrophic results such as chronic infection and amputation. The available diagnostic techniques with high sensitivity require high-tech equipment and are expensive. Moreover, to monitor the wound with these kits/technologies, wound dressing removal is needed, which causes the second trauma. In order to overcome these shortcomings, we are fabricating Nanosheet™ Biosensor. The biosensor is a patented, multilayer nanofiber membrane comprising cross-aligned, core-shell nanofibers containing a chromogenic probe that can change its colour from yellow to green in the presence of bacteria. This biosensor is compatible with all available wound dressings and does not interfere with wound healing. This layer can last on the wound site for one week to monitor the wound site insitu and real time with a reasonable price while the wound dressing can be changed. The detection threshold with this biosensor will be less than 105 CFU/cm2, which is necessary for biofilm formation; therefore, it prevents infection and enhances wound healing.

Farinaz Jonidi Shariatzadeh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Song Liu;Sarvesh Logsetty
Partner University: