HiSarah: A Voice Assistant for Seniors

Many voice and chat systems have emerged with the advancement of deep learning and big data processing technology like
Alexa. However, there is still a large gap in implementing human-like conversation systems and there is a stigma around
acceptance of the technology. In this project, we reduce the gap by building a personalized a voice bot, HiSarah, for seniors
by extending existing voice bots to: a) give reminders about medication; b) answer personal health related questions from a
predefined list of questions, and c) launch contactless wellness monitoring application “Veyetals” for checking vital signs and
make phone calls. By allowing the caregivers to set up HiSarah for patients’ caregiving tasks, the voice bot can serve as a
great assistant for the seniors to perform regular caregiving tasks on their own and age comfortably in their home environment,
and thereby, leverage the senior care quality in Canada.

Yuhao Chen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Farhana Zulkernine
Partner University: