HTTP/2 anomaly detection in 5G service-based architecture

The Fifth Generation (5G) mobile networks is currently being deployed by telecommunication operators and is designed to provide multiple services with new and variable quality of service requirements. 5G networks design is based on the communications between different network functions using the HTTP/2 protocol. HTTP/2 protocol has multiple vulnerabilities that can be exploited to launch attacks on the 5G network. This project aims at empowering 5G network with intelligent anomaly detection solution to secure it against HTTP/2 attacks using machine learning techniques and a 5G network testbed. As a major player in 5G mobile network and service, the partner organization will benefit from this project by leveraging the innovative ideas and the outcome of this research such as proof of concept and publications. These can be used to directly contribute to the partner’s business and reputation.

Nathalie Wehbe
Faculty Supervisor: 
Chadi Assi
Partner University: