A humane pigeon management plan for TransLink: the case of Ovocontrol P

Pigeons can act as pests for the ability to spread disease as well as ruin infrastructure with their excrement. At Skytrain stations, they cause delays by triggering intrusion alarms as well as erode infrastructure. By attempting to reduce population numbers using a type of avian reproductive control that does not effect the environment or other species called Ovocontrol P, we can attempt to reduce population numbers in a humane way that does not involve culling the pigeons. This is beneficial to the BC SPCA as it promotes humane wildlife control and is beneficial to TransLink as it can minimize the problems and damage that the pigeons cause. This research project aims to monitor pigeon populations, observe the efficacy and efficiency of Ovocontrol P and assess the feasibility for TransLink to regularly employ this wildlife management method.

Konstantina Xenakis
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ronaldo Cerri
British Columbia
Partner University: