Humic Land, a biological promoter of crop growth and the soil microbiome

Humic Land is a multi-purpose, 100% organic fertilizer that was produced from black peat using innovative technology that protects live soil microorganisms. It contains a microbial consortia that may produce plant-growth promoting substances, thereby acting as biological promotor of crops growing in stressful conditions. This research will evaluate three mechanisms that could explain Humic Land’s benefits to crops: (1) Humic Land promotes nutrient availablity and uptake by corn; (2) Humic Land contributes auxin-like substances that increase corn growth; (3) Humic Land improves osmoregulation in corn. These possible mode of action of Humic Land on corn and the soil microbiome will be evaluated in a controlled growth bench study by the intern, Naseer Hussain. The project will demonstrate the commercial potential of Humic Land for corn production in Canada.

Naseer Hussain
Faculty Supervisor: 
Joanne Whalen
Partner University: