Hybrid biocatalytic valorization of lignin to green aviation bio-jet fuel (ligno-jet fuel) and bio-BTX aromatics

‘Sustainable biofuels’ refers to the fuels produced from biological resources such as plant/forest biomass. The suggested tailored biocatalytic processes could enable sustainable production of drop-in ligno-biojet fuel by using renewable resources, including forest biomass. The pulp mill biorefinery side-streams such as lignin extracted from black liquors are relatively inexpensive, widely available and attractive sources for biorefining. The main bioprocessing steps for production of bioject fuel include pretreatment, fermentation, hydroprocessing and oligomerization. Underutilized lignin from pulp mill operations and forest biomass waste are promising feedstocks that can support the large-scale deployment of sustainable and economically attractive biojet fuels in the near future. British Columbia is one of Canada’s largest producers of forest residue and pellets, which could be used as feedstock for this process. Moreover, the PDF researcher would also benefit from establishing professional relationships with the company which may in turn create a work opportunity for the Mitacs.

Muhammad Ferhan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lew Christopher
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