Hydrogen Storage in Two-Dimensional Layered Nanomaterials: Synthesis - Year Two

The objective of the proposed research is to investigate novel solid-state materials that have potential for hydrogen storage applications in fuel cell electric vehicles. Of interest are materials that can store hydrogen at ambient conditions and low pressures, have high gravimetric and volumetric hydrogen capacities, and can be safely packed into a hydrogen storage tank for automotive use. The research will focus on assessing the feasibility of threedimensional structures consisting of two-dimensional layered nanomaterials such as graphene as viable media to store hydrogen. This research agenda brings together proven expertise in nanomaterials, hydrogen storage, and fuel cells at Simon Fraser University with leading technical expertise at Hydrogen in Motion (H2M). The most promising nanomaterials resulting will be considered for next generation hydrogen fuel tank solutions developed by H2M, which may further promote the market proposition for “zero-emission” fuel cell electric vehicles and contribute to Canada’s leadership in the automotive industry.

Michael Whitwick
Faculty Supervisor: 
Erik Kjeang
British Columbia
Partner University: