Hydrothermal Liquefaction of High-Moisture Pulp and Paper Milling Residues for Renewable Biocrude Production

Canada’s $9.6B pulp industry produces an ample supply of unusable organic pulp mill residues, yet there has been relatively limited utilization of this feedstock for the production of bio-crude through hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) – a low-temperature, high-pressure thermolytic conversion process. The proposed research project will investigate HTL catalysts that produce abundant, high-quality, and low-cost bio-crude for later transformation into renewable diesel. Mitacs interns’ research will involve the development of these catalysts and the maximization of their performance, which will feed into the feasibility analysis of a 100,000 L/d demonstration scale process utilizing the developed HTL technology for the production of renewable diesel. This work strives to lay the groundwork for more detailed pre-commercialization engineering studies with the project’s industrial partner, eventually creating a facility supplying Canada’s forestry sector with clean, locally produced fuels.

Toluwanimi Adetunji;Temitope Soneye
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hussameldin Ibrahim
Partner University: