Identifying and resolving issues when applying work system modeling on a large scale

The project involves applying a conceptual modeling method called R2M, Role and Request Modeling. The innovative method, and its supporting software (R2M]ST), was developed at the University of British Columbia. R2M assists business analysts to accurately capture organizational roles, interactions, services and IT resources as described by business process owners and abstract the information that can be used by decision makers. Although there has been significant industry interest, the method has not been tested in more complex small to medium sized enterprises (SME). ModiViz has the opportunity to test R2M at the Sauder School of Business and all of its operational units. The interns will add needed resources on the project to interview business process stakeholders, model their descriptions, resolve problems identified with the method and refine R2M]ST. This will allow Sauder to gain a complete picture of its services, observe improvements and align operations to strategic objectives. The project will serve as an SME reference for ModiViz and allow the method to be tested at a more complex organization.

James Mollard & Bhavna Wadhwa
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Andrew Burton-Jones
British Columbia