Image Deblurring for Mobile Devices Year Two

The wide proliferation of digital cameras has resulted in a massive flow of images captured then shared online in various forms. At the same time, capturing high-quality images with embedded cameras remains a significant challenge. One of the most common image degrading effects is motion blur, produced by camera movement while taking a photograph. This problem is widespread and has attracted considerable research and development efforts, but there is still no satisfying solution in place suitable for a wide variety of conditions. In this research project, we will consider the problem of image deblurring for mobile devices. We will consider existing algorithms that estimate the camera movement and remove motion blur, and we will develop new ones. For the industrial partner, this project will result in an enhancement of its product portfolio for the mobile device industry, video surveillance and visual data processing.

Ali Mosleh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Pierre Langlois
Project Year: