Impact of bioactive peptides derived from collagen hydrolysate on osteoclastogenesis and osteoclast signalling

Genacol Canada Corporation Inc. manufactures a collagen hydrolysate (CH) supplement sourced from bovine (Genacol® Original Formula) that has shown positive results and potent efficacy in three clinical trials for reducing joint pain. Following digestion and absorption, CHs release amino acids and peptides that can lead to the health-promoting properties of the supplement. Recent studies suggest that joint pain is a multi-tissue disease and involves both articular cartilage and bone. However, the current understanding of the effects of Genacol's CHs on bone health is still inadequate. For this reason, our proposed study aims to further elucidate the underlying mechanisms of action of CHs and CH-derived bioactive peptides on the formation and activity of bone-resorbing osteoclasts using primary osteoclast cultures. This approach will assist in developing more targeted and potent hydrolyzed collagen products by establishing the health-promoting properties of the Genacol collagen supplement.

Sirui Shan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Stan Kubow;Svetlana Komarova
Partner University: