Impact of Net Metered Solar Energy on Distribution Networks

The research will comprise effects of penetration of photovoltaic on existing distribution network. This will include power quality, voltage stability and customer load when there is a penetration. The graphs would display and let the utility organization know till what level the penetration should be done on a distribution network. The advantages and the need for doing the research is that the load can be distributed from the utility to the photovoltaic panels which are installed and the utility would have to generate less by the existing means. In this case by means of Hydro. The graphs would also show the peak generation by distributed generation (photovoltaic) in the hours of the day when the deliverable of customer load would be analysed. A literature review would be present in the final report which would have the effects of distributed generation on power quality, protection schemes & harmonics.

Rushie Rastogi
Faculty Supervisor: 
William Dunford
British Columbia
Partner University: