The impact of women-led market networks on the sustainability of global fish

My proposed project intends to investigate the export of dagaa (dried fish) from the African Great Lakes to Canada. My research examines the ecological impacts, the consumption patterns, and sustainability of both ends of the dried fish value chain. This builds on my doctoral research which looked at the sustainability of fisheries-based livelihoods on Lake Tanganyika. Now I wish to expand this to Lake Victoria, the borders of which are shared by Tanzania, Congo, Uganda and Kenya, and to include in the analysis, the economic activities of sub-Saharan African migrants to Canada. The transnational networks of this trade have been built by women. Research into these activities will shed light on the growing importance of this trade in various retail markets in Canada and how these networks shape consumer preferences. Thus, the project will link economic development in Africa, the need for natural resource conservation, and the potential problems of long-term sustainability of the fisheries resources of the African Great Lakes. One element of this project will investigate the potential substitution of Canadian-sourced fish to meet the demands of this market.

Deo Namwira
Faculty Supervisor: 
Derek Johnson
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