Implementation of Quantum Simulation Algorithms for Research and Industry

In 1982 theoretical physicist Richard Feynman stated, “Nature isn’t classical … and if you want to make a simulation of nature, you’d better make it quantum mechanical”. The goal of this Mitacs internship project is to do just that. This project focuses on simulating quantum systems on a quantum computer – a new kind of computer that operates using the physics of quantum mechanics. There has been much progress in the development of algorithms for simulating quantum mechanics on a quantum computer, yet in practice there aren’t much of these algorithms that have been implemented. Zapata Computing in partnership with the University of Toronto seek to pick a physical/chemical system of interests and develop a method for implementing the instructions a quantum computer needs to simulate the system of interest. Zapata offers many quantum simulation services to its customers and will have some new methods available when this project is completed. Once these new methods are implemented, benchmarking tests will be run to characterize their performance and accuracy.

Zachary Bansingh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Artur Izmaylov
Partner University: