Implementations of state-of-the-art quantum error-correcting codes and decoders for simulations of fault-tolerant logical operations

Quantum computers encode information with qubits. Unfortunately, qubits are subject to error. Those are physical qubits, and one will need many physical qubits to create an error-free qubit, also called a logical qubit. In this project, the university and industry researchers will work together to understand if the error rate of a logical quantum circuit will be arbitrarily suppressed by increasing the number of physical qubits. One of the key challenges is to simulate large enough systems necessitating scalable implementations of representation of quantum error-correcting codes and decoders. This project will explore new ways to reduce the error rate of qubits and contribute to achieving the fault-tolerant regime (error-corrected qubits) of Xanadu's quantum computers.

Luis Mantilla Calderón
Faculty Supervisor: 
Robert Raussendorf
British Columbia
Partner University: