Implementing a Zinnia TV program for people with dementia in hospitals and long term care homes

This project work with stakeholders, residents, family members, and care staff, in an older adult hospital unit and a long-term care home to analyze use of smart TV catered for peoples with dementia (Zinnia TV). Zinnia TV is a TV program that TV program provides video experiences that offer joy and engagement for people with dementia (e.g., handwashing, eating, and holiday celebration). Research will be conducted over 2 years. We will include a diverse group with various sex and gender, age range, ethnic and racial backgrounds, etc. The sample will include
20 people with various types and stages of dementia, 20 family members, and 20 frontline interdisciplinary staff. This project intends to explore effects of assistive technologies and smart TV programs on mood, quality of life, and reduce responsive (aggressive) behaviours resulting from unmet needs in patients and residents with dementia The findings of this projectwill provide helpful insight into specific needs and preferences of LTC residents living with dementia. This project expands current knowledge about implementation science by adding a better understanding of userexperiences about technology adoption in complex care environments such as hospitals and long-term care.

Carly Wang;Deborah Liao;Karen Wong
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lillian Hung
British Columbia
Partner University: