Improved Care for High Risk Arthritis Patients

Arthritis affects 4.6 million Canadians and the demand for timely and effective care is critical to better patient outcomes and cost effectiveness. The research projects will identify better models of care delivery for:
1) at risk patients with obesity who may require knee and/or hip replacement surgery or require conservative medical treatment in place of surgery; and,
2) for inflammatory disease (IA) patients who require rapid medical intervention to limit disease progression and symptoms.
This research will use data modeling tools for such patients to analyze the risk and need for surgery. Also, it will evaluate nurse-led clinics treating IA patients such that rheumatologists can examine and treat acutely ill IA patients in a more timely fashion.
The partner organization, Alberta Bone & Joint Health Institute (ABJHI) will apply these results in its work with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to improve patient care and health system outcomes through program development and establishment, and ongoing measurement.

Elena Lopatina
Behnam Sharif
Faculty Supervisor: 
Brenda Hemmelgarn
Partner University: